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Top 5 Best Bristle Dartboards (Updated) – January 2024

Top 5 Best Bristle Dartboards (Updated) – January 2024

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Jan 15th, 2024

Having a quality bristle dartboard is an excellent investment, whether you’re finding a new one to start your darts journey or replacing the old one. But there are so many types, products, and versions of bristle dartboards on the market. What should you pick?

No worries! We’ve put together a list for you – the list of the best bristle dartboards that we and many others have experienced and offered a thumbs up. Unlike many other online review articles, these boards are actually worth your money. We promise!


  • Our Top 5 Best Bristle Dartboards
  • How to Choose a Dartboard (Buyer’s Guide)
  • Conclusion

Our Top 5 Best Bristle Dartboards

Following our developed review framework, we find and present to you our top list of bristle dartboards.

1. Best Budget Option – Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Why you should buy

  • Affordable price
  • Staple-free bullseye
  • Removable number ring
  • Acceptable self-healing

What you should be aware of

  • Low-quality included darts
  • Quite-thick wires
  • Small numbers

Viper Shot King is a great option for mid-range dartboard with good quality.

Despite not being the best compared to other high-end products, the self-healing of this dartboard is acceptable. It has the tournament size, staple-free bullseye, and rotating number ring. You can rotate the ring to adjust different scoring areas, and let the damaged fiber heal, hence, maintaining the board in good shape for a longer time. Also, the purchase includes a set of darts.

That said, the quality of the darts is not that good. They can be easily broken. The numbers are quite small. The wires are quite thick compared to other more-expensive boards, increasing a bit more chances of bounce-outs.

2. The Standard – Winmau Blade 6

Why you should buy

  • High quality rated by communities
  • Great durability
  • Great self-healing
  • Thin and staple-free wiring
  • Great stability during gameplay (Rota lock system)

What you should be aware of

  • Nothing. You cannot go wrong with this

Most players agree that Winmau makes the best boards. No question! And when you’re talking about the standard of bristle/traditional dartboards, Winmau Blade boards must be in the conversation. Just to show you how good and popular it is, check out this poll on Reddit (remember to log in with your Reddit account to see the poll).

Now that the Blade 5 board is stopped being made, the Blade 6 is the next in line as one of the best boards in the market (from 2023). And we have an article reviewing the features and improvements of the Winmau Blade 6 vs Winmau Blade 5.

The board is highly rated by us and many players for good reasons. We remembered the board still looked freshly new after the first several months of playing. And it’s going strong now.

The surface heals quickly after darts are pulled off. We usually rotate the number ring to ensure that different scoring segments get even hits. This helps the board hold up for a long time. Depending on how well it is maintained, the Blade 6 can last for years. Whereas, cheap and low-quality boards hardly survive months of regular plays.

Talking about playability, every player hates bounce-outs. This usually happens because of bulky and badly-designed wiring. With Winmau Blade 6, we experience only a few bounce-outs, mainly due to bad aiming. The spider, including the wiring for the bullseye, is completely staple-free and thin.

One last thing we love about this board is the included Rota lock system. You will find it easy to level the board against the wall with the combo of 3 wheels at the back of the board. These locks also secure and stabilize the board during playtime.

Yes, we know we give a lot of love to this product. But we think it’s totally worth it. The only concern you should have is the later models (Blade 6 Dual Core or the latest Blade 6 Triple Core). These options have more advanced features but also cost more.

3. Our Top Choice – Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core

Why you should buy

  • High quality rated by many players
  • Great durability (with two sisal layers)
  • Cleaner-looking surface
  • Great self-healing
  • Thin and staple-free wiring
  • Great stability during gameplay (Rota lock system)

What you should be aware of

  • Nothing. You cannot go wrong with this

This “Dual Core” model has all the strengths of the Winmau Blade 6 standard. So, what’s better about this version?

The Blade 6 Dual Core has 2 core layers of sisal fiber. The outer layer, with lower compression, is said to allow darts to penetrate more easily, hence, increasing playability. The inner layer, with higher compression, is said to increase the resistance, enhancing durability.

As a result, the surface looks way smoother and cleaner. No veins are visible on the surface like the Blade 6 standard model. We also notice the sound is quieter when darts hit the board. The Dual Core model is undoubtedly durable. Ours is still going strong after months of playing.

The very minor downside is the Blade 6 Dual Core model is slightly more expensive than the Blade 6. But the price gap is only a few bucks (as the last time we checked on Amazon).

4. The Professional Standard – Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core

Why you should buy

  • High quality rated by many players
  • Great durability (with three sisal layers)
  • Cleaner-looking surface
  • Anti-glare number ring
  • Great self-healing
  • Thin and staple-free wiring
  • Great stability during gameplay (Rota lock system)

What you should be aware of

  • High price compared to other Blade models

In case you didn’t know, the Blade 6 Triple Core is officially used for many PDC events, including the Championship series. So, if you want to pro and compete in tournaments, this board is the option to go.

It has three layers of sisal with the additional third inner layer claimed to be carbon fiber-reinforced. That said, we don’t notice any major difference compared to the Dual Core model and feel like it’s quite a gimmick. But it is surely durable and offers the highest level of playability.

A big plus we have to give to the Blade 6 Triple Core is the beautiful look. The surface is vein-free and the color is bright and spectacular. The number ring has a brand new modern look, which makes it the most beautiful ring we’ve ever seen!

The only thing you should concern about is the high price since it’s the latest model and featured in many PDC events. But if budget is not your problem, just go for it.

5. The Most Underrated Board on the Market – One80 Gladiator 3+

Why you should buy

  • Highly rated by communities
  • Cheaper than Blade boards
  • Great durability (firm board)
  • Cleaner-looking surface
  • Great self-healing
  • Thin, strong, and staple-free wiring

What you should be aware of

  • Firm board (may not be the best for you if you’re using light darts)

The Gladiator 3+ is one of the few board that is at the same level of the Winmau boards. It receives a lot of love and compliments in different darts communities.

There is nothing we can complain about this board. Everything looks great and feels great. The self-healing works well and we hardly get any bounce-outs. Some other players even say the board sounds quieter when darts hit the surface.

The best thing is this board, including the spider, seems to be extremely durable due to its firmness. Many players have shared that their Gladiator 3+ barely shows any damage even after months of playing. If compared to the Winmau boards, we would say it’s slightly better in terms of durability. And the price is lower than the Blade 6 boards.

However, if you don’t like a firm board or you use light darts, it’s probably not the most ideal option for you. It might take some time, after some games, for the fiber to get loosen up.

How to Choose a Dartboard (Buyer’s Guide)

Consider these aspects to choose the best bristle dartboard for yourself.

1. Decide Your Needs

What do you use the dartboard for? Do you need it for casual and fun games with friends or coworkers? Or do you need to practice seriously and compete? If you’re planning to go pro, it would be best if you buy a dartboard that is currently used in pro tournaments.

2. Go for Durability

How often do you play? If you play very regularly, then the board needs good self-healing. That means the bristle needs to be of good quality. Two factors for quality bristle are decent density and the tightness of the fiber/sisal.

Another feature you should look for is a removable ring. This is very important. With just a little effort of rotating the dartboard, you can significantly increase its lifespan by ensuring different segments get even hits.

3. Go for a Well-designed Spider

A thick wire frame can be easily hit by darts, which increases the chances of bounce-outs. No players want bounce-outs, we can assure you that. So, go for boards with well-designed wiring, staple-free and thin for the maximum potential of scoring.

4. Be Willing to Invest in a High-quality Board

High-quality dartboards range from $70 – $130 (can be lower if there’s a discount). It’s quite obvious that budget is one of the crucial aspects to consider. But remember, quality usually comes at a high price. Think of this as a long-term investment. It’s totally worth $80 for hours of fun games every day for 6+ months, isn’t it?

5. Go for the Brand with a Good Reputation

Reputable brands normally make good products (that’s why they have a reputation). They also have good support and policies (refund or replacement).

6. Read the Ratings and Reviews

Choose a dartboard that has many ratings and reviews. This will make it more creditable. Read both positive and negative feedback. And remember don’t jump to the conclusion that the product is bad just from 3-4 negative comments.


There you have it! Our top list of world-class bristle dartboards. If you want to practice professionally, go for the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core. Otherwise, you can choose anything of the following: Winmau Blade 6, Blade 6 Dual Core, or One80 Gladiator 3+. They are slightly different in price but all are the top-notch options on the market and on our best dartboards list .

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