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Best Dart Board Cabinets (and Sets) – Our Top 4 Choices

Best Dart Board Cabinets (and Sets) – Our Top 4 Choices

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Nov 2nd, 2023

Dart board cabinet is one of the best protection for your board against dust and harmful weather conditions. It also protects your wall against stray darts and adds aesthetics to your gaming corner. The thing is there are many cabinets on the market and some of them can be quite pricey for several reasons.

In this blog, we will give you our top list of the best dart board cabinets at a reasonable price.


  • Tips for Choosing a Dart Board Cabinet
  • Our Top 4 Best Dart Board Cabinets
  • Conclusion

Tips for Choosing a Dart Board Cabinet

Answering these simple questions will help you make the right purchase decision.

1. Do you need a complete playing set or just a cabinet?

One thing to note is that many cabinets are sold online with included equipment such as dartboard and darts. So their total price will go up quite a lot.

And honestly, the quality of the included equipment is usually not the best. We prefer buying things separately to make sure that the dartboard, darts, and cabinet meet our quality standards.

However, if you’re a beginner or just play casual games for fun, then purchasing a complete set (including board, darts, cabinet, scoreboard, etc.) is still a great choice.

2. What do you want when looking for a cabinet?

We usually look for these factors: great durability, ease of installation, and the look. For durability, look after a cabinet that is well-made with solid wood. This ensures the board can last for a long time.

What about the look? Does it matter to you? Most of the cabinets will have a similar traditional look with black or brown color.

But some of them have a unique look that can really fit in and glow up your gaming corner. Of course, a more stylish cabinet usually costs a bit more. But to us, it’s totally worth it. A beautiful darts-space setup can really ignite your passion to play, practice, and upskill.

3. What is your dartboard size and how big should the cabinet be?

You should know these to pick the right cabinet with the right dimensions. You don’t want to buy a cabinet just to find out that it does not support your dartboard size or it does not fit in your space. Remember to check the cabinet dimensions and whether it’s a match for your dartboard size.

Our Top 4 Best Dart Board Cabinets

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of high-quality dart board cabinets.

1. EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Sets – Best Choice for Casual Players

Why you should buy

  • A complete and ready-to-play set
  • Affordable price for a complete set
  • Ideal set for casual plays
  • Sturdy and decent cabinet
  • Cabinet with two built-in Cricket scoreboards and darts holders

What you should be aware of

  • The included dartboard and darts being not so high-quality
Best Choice for Casual Players

EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Sets

  • Brand: EastPoint Sports
  • LxWxH dimensions: 21 x 3 x 24 inches
  • Look: Traditional-looking cabinet
  • Cabinet sturdiness rating: 8/10

This set is an ideal choice if you just start out playing darts and mostly play for fun. It has everything you need, including one cabinet, one bristle dartboard, six darts, two pieces of chalk, and one eraser. You just need to hang the cabinet up on the wall and start playing right away. We think the price is very reasonable for a complete set like this one.

The cabinet, particularly, has two built-in Cricket scoreboards and holders for up to 6 darts. The two doors and hinges work smoothly. When you open them, the width and height are 39 and 22 inches. When you close them, the dimensions are 20 and 22 inches.

Although the cabinet material is not of the highest quality, it’s sturdy and can last for a long time. The installation is rather easy. Just follow the instruction and you should be fine.

Now, for the downside, the reason why we said this set is ideal for beginners or casual players is that the included board and darts are not very high quality.

The board does not heal as fast as other top-tier boards on the market like Winmau Blade or One80 Gladiator. On the surface, there are staples, which can increase bounce-outs and greatly reduce the playing experience. But again, if you play for fun and don’t practice seriously regularly, this set still returns great value for a reasonable price.

2. Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet – Best Bang for Buck

Why you should buy

  • Affordable price for a cabinet
  • Solid pine material for great durability
  • Built-in Cricket scoreboard
  • Built-in checkout chart for quick victory calculation
  • Built-in dart holders

What you should be aware of

  • No included dartboard and darts
Best Bang for Buck

Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet

  • Brand: Viper by GLD Products
  • Material: Pine
  • LxWxH dimensions: 23.25 x 21.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Look: Traditional-looking cabinet with mahogany finish
  • Cabinet sturdiness rating: 8.5/10

Sometimes you just want to buy a cabinet, without an included dartboard, due to many reasons. The included board is usually not high-quality and it increases the price of the purchase.

If you just want a cabinet, then the Viper Hudson Dartboard Cabinet is a great choice in terms of price and value. It is made from pine, which shows great durability. The hinges and doors work perfectly. When opened, the cabinet is 41.5 x 21.25 inches. When closed, it’s 23.25 x 21.25 inches.

What we love about this cabinet is that it has a checkout chart on one of the doors. This is very beneficial, especially for beginners, since it provides a quick way to calculate combinations to win a game. The cabinet also has a Cricket scoreboard and darts holders.

For the look, it has a traditional look with a mahogany finish, which can easily fit into any space or gaming corner. Installation instruction is clear and easy to follow.

3. American Legend Barnwood Dartboard Cabinet – Best Choice for Durability and Style

Why you should buy

  • Solid wood material for great durability
  • Rustic wheat-finished barnwood style for a unique look
  • Built-in Cricket scoreboard and dart holders

What you should be aware of

  • No included dartboard and darts
Best Choice for Durability and Style

American Legend Barnwood Dartboard Cabinet

  • Brand: American Legend
  • Material: Wood
  • LxWxH dimensions: 24 x 4 x 24 inches
  • Look: Unique rustic wheat-finished barnwood style
  • Cabinet sturdiness rating: 9/10

If you want a very stylish country-side-looking cabinet that makes everyone go wow, then pick this American Legend Barnwood Dartboard Cabinet. Same as other options we suggested, it has a built-in Cricket scoreboard and darts holders.

There are two strong reasons why we refer to and put this cabinet on our top list. The first reason is this cabinet is well-made with solid wood, which ensures very long-lasting durability. Ours hasn’t shown any sign of downgrade at all after years, still holding up very strongly.

The other reason is due to its unique style. It has a rustic look with wheat-finished doors, style-matching hardware, and tan color in the inside. It surely will be an excellent add-on to your mancave corner, igniting your passion for darts.

4. Viper by GLD Products Neptune – Best Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo

Why you should buy

  • Cabinet with built-in electronic dartboard
  • Plenty of games and playing options
  • Cyber mode/Solo play mode
  • Up-to-16-players score displays
  • A Cricket X/O display
  • Sound effects
  • Excellent look and feel

What you should be aware of

  • Higher price due to electronic dartboard
Best Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo

Viper by GLD Products Neptune

  • Brand: Viper by GLD Products
  • Material: Wood
  • LxWxH dimensions: 21.5 x 26.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Look: Classic cabinet with modern-looking board
  • Cabinet sturdiness rating: 8.5/10

If you’re using an electronic dartboard, it’s very hard to find a fitting cabinet since this type of board comes in many shapes and sizes. Unlike bristle boards, there’s no standardized cabinet. That’s why we recommend this last option. A perfect match between an electronic dartboard and a cabinet.

This board is just awesome. It has tons of playing options with different games (50+). You don’t need to calculate scores since this will be done automatically by the machine. The score displays support up to 16 players. It also has sound effects to add even more fun to your games with friends. And since it uses soft-tip darts, everyone can feel safe playing darts.

Protecting this modern electronic board is a classic-looking wooden cabinet. This creates a unique look and feel. The cabinet has built-in darts holders and is sturdy enough. Perfect combo!


There you have it! Our list of best dart board cabinets with a reasonable price (considering their pros and cons). A great cabinet not only protects your board and wall but also lights up your darts space and ignites your passion for playing. Hopefully, our list can help you find the one that fits your needs and budget. Happy darting – From Ingahub with fun!

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