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We believe indoor games have the power to connect people. Not only that, they can help you improve your physical condition, develop new skills, enrich your mind, and boost your confidence level. We built IngaHub to provide comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks for certain exciting games, helping you create fun times with friends or ignite the passion to go pros.

And we understand quality game times need high-quality equipment. With our thorough reviewing process and helpful articles, you will find the best products that bring the best bang for your buck and meet your needs. Right now, we are focusing on three popular indoor games including darts, ping pong, and pool.

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How We Find and Review the Best Products

There are tons of brands and products on the market. With our experience and network, we developed our own reviewing framework to find and give you the best equipment for your needs.


Identify the review criteria

We identify a list of key features and characteristics for the equipment we want to review.


Carry out market research

We utilize both online and offline resources, from searching online on search engines, and joining forums, to connecting to our local networks and experts, to find top-notch products.


Experience the products firsthand

We set a budget to buy the items or ask people in our network to use their equipment. We play and test the products regularly to make our reviews more reliable.


Diverse feedback

From casual players to experts, we try to invite as many people as possible to use and give their feedback on the reviewed products according to our pre-defined criteria.


Write and publish a review article

We finally put together our personal list of best products. Once in a while, we go back and update our list with new quality products on the market (if any).

Articles and Insights


Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

If you want to practice professionally, then Triple Core. Dual Core brings the best for money while Blade 6 standard has the lowest price.

Jun 12th, 2024


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 vs 900: Which Is Better?

Cricket Pro 900 has a higher price than the 800 since it offers certain advanced features and more games. Let’s find out more!

May 24th, 2024


Regulation Ping Pong Table Dimensions (That You Should Know)

Explore the essential guide to regulation ping pong table dimensions, including size, height, and net specifications for optimal play.

Dec 25th, 2023


Table Tennis vs. Tennis: A Comprehensive Comparison

While their roots intertwine, the gameplay, techniques, and culture of table tennis and tennis diverge significantly.

Dec 21st, 2023


Table Tennis vs Badminton: The Differences? Which Is for You?

We'll explore the main differences between table tennis vs badminton and help you decide which one might be the right fit for you.

Dec 18th, 2023