Free Online Darts Scorer

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One Darts Scorer. Many Benefits. For Free.

Completely free

You don't need to pay for anything. No email or payment needed.

Multiple-player support

Fun games with friends? Our darts scorer got your back!

Easy to use

Just type in the scores. We do all the calculations.

Impactful metrics

See how well you're performing during playtime with 1 and 3-dart averages.

How to Use Our Online Darts Scorer App? Very Easy!

1. Choose your settings

Choose the game type (101, 301, 501, 701, or 1001), the number of players, and how many legs and sets you want to play. Remember, our tool lets the first player go first.

2. Input the scores

Input the score for each dart you throw and let our score calculator handle the rest. For example, if you hit triple-20, single-20, and double-20 in your turn, simply input 60 - 20 - 40 respectively in our tool.

3. Enjoy the features to keep track of the game

Use the built-in darts scoreboard to keep track of the game in real time. Also, see the 1-dart and 3-dart averages to know how well you are performing. Note down these metrics over time to track your performance progress.

Bust? Simply click on the Bust button to move on with the game.

4. Undo actions if needed

Misclick? Enter the wrong score in one turn? Simply hit the Back button to re-enter the right score.

5. Keep on playing until there's a winner.

You’re a beginner? Learn These to Improve!

Learn how to score in darts

There are many segments on the board that rewards different scores

Know the rules of the '01 darts game

101, 301, 501, 701, and 1001 darts apply the same rules

Improve your aiming

To throw accurately, you need to get in the right position from head to toe

Improve your throwing

Don't just throw, throw with control and the right techniques to get the best score

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