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Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

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Jun 12th, 2024

Winmau makes some of the best dartboards on the market. Now that the Blade 5 is stopped being produced, many players are turning to the latest Winmau Blade 6 boards. But Blade 6 has 3 models, including the standard, Dual Core, and Triple Core. Which one is for you?

Explore the disparities and improvements between the Winmau Blade 5 and Winmau Blade 6 in our dedicated article. Check it out to gain insights into the distinctions between these two models.


In this blog, we will explain their major differences and give you our opinion on which dartboard you should consider buying based on your needs.


Our Advice on Which Dartboard Is for You

We think the dartboard that will bring you the best for your money is the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core. The dual sisal layer will enhance the playability, make the board last longer, and have the right degree of firmness.

We don’t think the third carbon fiber reinforced base layer of the Triple Core is worth spending the extra since we don’t see any difference with it. But we do really like the new look of this board.

That said, if you want to practice professionally or to go pro, buying Triple Core is still recommended since it’s what the professionals are playing with at the PDC events.

In case you want the lowest price but still high quality, the Blade 6 standard remains the solid choice and one of the best dartboards on the market.

Blade 6 Dual CoreBlade 6 Triple Core
Why You Should Buy1. Best bang for your buck.
2. Dual core for enhanced playability and durability.
3. Right degree of firmness.
4. Having everything the Blade 6 standard has.
1. New innovative looking.
2. Officially being used in PDC events by professionals.
3. Offering the closest playing experience to that of the professionals (because it’s being used in PDC events).

Thoughts on “Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

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