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Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Which to Buy

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Nov 30th, 2023

Winmau makes some of the best dartboards on the market. Now that the Blade 5 is stopped being produced, many players are turning to the latest Winmau Blade 6 boards. But Blade 6 has 3 models, including the standard, Dual Core, and Triple Core. Which one is for you?

Explore the disparities and improvements between the Winmau Blade 5 and Winmau Blade 6 in our dedicated article. Check it out to gain insights into the distinctions between these two models.


In this blog, we will explain their major differences and give you our opinion on which dartboard you should consider buying based on your needs.

Blade 6Blade 6 Dual CoreBlade 6 Triple Core
Great self-healingYesYesYes, slightly better
Removable ringYesYesYes
Rota lock systemYesYesYes
Thin and staple wireYesYesYes
Vein-free surfaceNoYesYes
Sisal layerNo23
New anti-glare number ringNoNoYes
Included leveling toolNoNoYes
FirmnessSame as Triple CoreFirmestSame as the Blade 6
Used in PDC eventsNoNoYes


  • Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Main Differences
  • Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Similarities
  • Our Advice on Which Dartboard Is for You

Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Main Differences

All three models share many quality characteristics that can meet almost all players’ needs, including great self-healing, thin and staple-free spider, rota lock system, and removable ring. That said, there are still significant differences between them. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Sisal fiber layer

The Blade 6 standard has one single layer of sisal fiber. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t heal well. In fact, this board has a fantastic self-healing ability.

The Blade 6 Dual Core has two sisal layers. The outer layer is lower compressed so that darts penetrate more easily, increasing the board’s playability. Meanwhile, the inner layer is highly compressed to enhance the board’s resistance and durability.

On top of the dual layer, the Blade 6 Triple Core is claimed to apply the latest technology and has a third carbon fiber reinforced base layer. Although this promises to bring the ultimate playability and durability, we don’t feel any major differences when playing with this board.

2. Firmness

We did a dart penetration test on these boards, meaning we throw and see how deeply darts penetrate the surface. You might think the triple core is the firmest. But in fact, the Dual Core is the thickest and firmest among the three models.

The Triple Core and Blade 6 standard have kind of the same depth when darts penetrate these boards. So, if you are a hard thrower, meaning you throw darts with force, Dual Core will be the best choice.

3. Professional Practice

You can play casual games or practice professionally with all three models. They are good enough for both playing purposes.

But did you know that PDC events, including the World Championship, will be played exclusively with the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core? So, if you want the closest playing experience as the current professionals, you should go for the Triple Core dartboard to practice professionally.

4. The Look

There are not many differences in the look between the standard and the Dual Core boards. The Blade 6 standard has typical veins on the surface, which is due to the sisal biscuits being squeezed together to make the board. Meanwhile, the Blade 6 Dual Core has a vein-free and smooth surface due to the new technology.

For the Triple Core dartboard, we can see some significant updates on the appearance. The first thing is the number ring. The numbers are made anti-glare and flat, with grey color and a new graphic style.

Whether it looks good or bad really comes down to personal preference. Honestly, we do like it a lot though. Quite refreshing to look at.

The red color of the Triple Core is more of a deep red tone, whereas the red of the other models looks brighter like the orange tone. Lastly, there are two PDC logos printed on the surface of the Triple Core dartboards. If you are a fan of the organization, this is another big plus.

Personally, for the good-looking ranking, we would rank Triple Core > Dual Core > Blade 6 standard.

5. Price

The price gap is certainly there. The Triple Core, the latest model, is the most expensive. The standard model, or the single core, is the cheapest of the three models. The Dual Core is in the middle for the price.

Without any discount, the price gap is around $10 – $20 between the standard and Dual Core. And the same applies to the Dual Core and Triple Core as the last time we checked on Amazon.

Is the price gap worth it? We’ll answer this question in the last section where we’ll give you advice on which dartboard you should buy for yourself.

6. Included Accessories

The package of all three boards includes the Rota lock system. This is one of the amazing features that many players love about the Winmau boards. The system includes three wheels which can easily be installed at the back, helping you level and stabilize the board against an uneven surface.

That said, the Triple Core dartboard also includes another interesting tool that is the Spirit Level leveling tool. You simply pin the tool into the number 20 segment, then rotate or move the board until the bubble in the tool perfectly balances in the middle of the tube.

With this small tool, no more excuses or blaming the board for not being leveling the right way. It costs around $5 and you can use it multiple times. It’s a small nice addition to the price of the Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard.

Winmau Blade 6 vs Blade 6 Dual Core vs Blade 6 Triple Core: Similarities

Before jumping into our advice, let’s do a quick summary of the shared features that make the Winmau Blade 6 dartboards so highly rated on the market:

1. Thin and staple-free spider to minimize bounce-outs. Not only this, but the Blade 6 models also claim to have 25% thinner bullseye wiring due to the new technology called Density Control.

2. Great self-healing. The Triple Core performs slightly better than the other two models. Holes quickly heal after darts are pulled out.

3. Tournament size. The large playing surface maximizes scoring potential.

4. Removable number ring to conveniently rotate the board and extend the lifespan.

5. The signature Rota lock system. As mentioned above, it levels and stabilizes the board against the hanging surface during gameplay.

Our Advice on Which Dartboard Is for You

We think the dartboard that will bring you the best for your money is the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core. The dual sisal layer will enhance the playability, make the board last longer, and have the right degree of firmness.

We don’t think the third carbon fiber reinforced base layer of the Triple Core is worth spending the extra since we don’t see any difference with it. But we do really like the new look of this board.

That said, if you want to practice professionally or to go pro, buying Triple Core is still recommended since it’s what the professionals are playing with at the PDC events.

In case you want the lowest price but still high quality, the Blade 6 standard remains the solid choice and one of the best dartboards on the market.

Blade 6 Dual CoreBlade 6 Triple Core
Why You Should Buy1. Best bang for your buck.
2. Dual core for enhanced playability and durability.
3. Right degree of firmness.
4. Having everything the Blade 6 standard has.
1. New innovative looking.
2. Officially being used in PDC events by professionals.
3. Offering the closest playing experience to that of the professionals (because it’s being used in PDC events).

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