How to Improve Your Darts Aim: Aiming Eye, Stance, and Position

How to Improve Your Darts Aim: Aiming Eye, Stance, and Position

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Mar 30th, 2023

For anyone who has ever played darts, improving your aim is key to winning. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these tips will help you improve your accuracy and consistency. The first step is to identify your dominant eye for aiming.

Once you know this, you need to adjust your stance and positioning. Finally, practice throwing the darts until you get comfortable with the motion. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be hitting those bullseyes and ton-80s like a pro!



  • How to Improve Your Darts Aim
  • Tips on How to Improve Your Darts Aim

How to Improve Your Darts Aim

Identify Your Dominant Eye

You’ll need to know the eye you’ll primarily use to aim the board target. In many cases, it may be your dominant eye.

Please note that you’ll need to open both eyes to aim for depth perception, with your dominant eye leading the way.

To find it, hold up both hands in front of your face and form a small triangle using your thumbs and index fingers.

Keep both eyes open as you look through the triangle at an object in the distance.

Now, close one eye at a time. The eye that keeps the object in view/frame is highly likely your dominant eye.

If you have cross-eye aiming, it’s completely ok. It means you’re right-handed and aim with your dominant left eye or vice versa. Many world-class darts players are like this.

Get into Your Stance

After you know your dominant eye, it’s time to adjust how you stand and aim at the board.

When you are in your stance, remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart for stability. You can also lean forward slightly from the waist without moving your feet. In most cases, right-handed players stand with their right foot forward and vice versa. Left-handed players most likely stand with their left foot forward. Slightly rotate your body to the opposite side of your dominant hand if needed.

Whatever stance you go for, make sure your body is stable and your balance is distributed evenly on your feet. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position.

Get Your Aim in Position

Now that you’re in your stance, it’s time to position your arm and hand to aim at the board.

As you adjust your position at the throwing line, don’t lose sight at the dartboard. Don’t just look at the board, aim at a specific area you want to score.

Bring the darts up in front of your dominant eye and in line with your target. Your elbow should be positioned directly under your shoulder, and your forearm should be around 90 degrees to the upper arm. Don’t raise the darts too far above your aiming eye.

Since the way darts travel is not a straight line, move your dart tip up a little bit, making your hand tilt backward slightly. How far back depends on your reference. Generally, experts say that the tip of the dart should be about eye level when you’re at the oche.

Throw Your Darts

After getting your aim correctly, now it’s time to throw your darts. One important factor to take into account when darts travel, they travel in a slight curve.

To throw, you’ll need to move your forearm and hand backward. Then, move them forward to push the dart forward with your elbow as the anchor. Next, release the dart.

The right time to release for you requires practice to find out. Some players release early when the forearm just starts to move forward while others release later during the throw.

After release, you will need to let your arm move naturally according to the flow. This is called follow-through.

It’s important that you pay attention to every detail during the throw and the result to improve your darts aim. Based on them, make small changes in your stance or arm or hand position to better your aim for better results.

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Tips on How to Improve Your Darts Aim

  • Record yourself from the stance to the end of the throw, which may give you insights into what you need to change.
  • Play with more experienced players and ask for their advice.
  • When aiming, look through the darts at the target and open both eyes for deeper perception.
  • When aiming with your aiming eye, you can try moving your head aside slightly to an angel or move your darts slightly to the side of your side to see if it brings a better result.
  • Pay attention to every detail from the stance to the end of the throw.
  • Make small adjustments at a time and try to make notes on the changes you made.


By following the steps and tips above, you now know how to improve your darts aim and have more fun playing darts. Remember, it takes time and practice to get better. So, be patient and keep practicing!

Happy darting!

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