How Many Hours Do Darts Players Practice?

How Many Hours Do Darts Players Practice?

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Mar 6th, 2023

Darts players invest plenty of time into training, that is for sure. It takes years to master the game, and even after mastering it, you will still have to practice to improve or maintain your level. Darts is a game of skills, so you must practice every day to be good at it. But, How many hours do darts players practice in real life? Check out this post.



  • How Many Hours Do Darts Professional Darts Players Practice?
  • How Many Hours Should You Practice For Darts?

How Many Hours Do Darts Professional Darts Players Practice?

Professionals are players that don’t simply play darts for fun or those who compete in pro tournaments. Like any other sport, competing at a high level requires dedication and tons of practice.

It’s worth mentioning that darts professionals usually started playing and practicing at a young age before they decided to go pro. For example, Stephen “The Bullet” Bunting – a former BDO Champion, shared that he practiced up to 7 hours per day when he was only 15.

The number of hours professionals practice depends on their age, skill level, and preferences. The time ranges from 3 to up to 12 hours per day. The reason why they invest so much time and effort into practicing is the high reward. The top professional players can earn a ridiculous amount of money from winning pro tournaments. Not to mention extra income from other sources like sponsorship, guest appearances, and exhibition matches.

Here are some references for training hours of the top professional players:

  • Michael Van Gerwen – arguably the highest-earning darts player – once shared he tries to practice 2 – 3 hours per day to keep his form going. This is due to his busy schedule traveling for tournaments.
  • Phil Taylor – one of the most popular players – stated that he used to practice up to 11 hours per day.
  • Michael “the Bully Boy” Smith practices up to 6 hours per day as another example.

How Many Hours Should You Practice For Darts?

You don’t need to keep up with the top professionals, which is practicing up to 8 or 12 hours per day. You can start with more or less than 10 hours per week, considering your conditions. Then, once you’re getting comfortable with the training, increase the hours gradually.

Here’s a tip on how to organize your time for training – shared by experts:

1. Each session of training should not be longer than 60 minutes.

2. A session should be further divided into 2 smaller sessions. Each lasts for about 20 – 25 minutes. A small 5-minute break in between.

3. Go for fully-focused training mode in each smaller session. Researchers say that 25 minutes is the ideal period for maximum concentration and efficiency.

4. After a major session of 60 minutes, take a rest of 10-30 mins. It’s time for your body to relax from the intensity of your training.

5. Repeat. How many 60-minute practice sessions you do per day really depends on your conditioning and preferences.

The common average practice hours per day is around 3 – 4 hours. But be careful with over-training when your body is not ready to avoid any injuries.

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