What Is A Bust In Darts? Some Tips to Avoid a Bust!

What Is A Bust In Darts? Some Tips to Avoid a Bust!

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Mar 30th, 2023

Before jumping into the question of what a bust in darts is, you need to know the rules of the popular 501 game. Each player starts with 501 points by default. Players gradually deduct the points they score in each turn against the 501. The first one reducing their points to exactly zero wins.

Additional standard rules include the following:

  • Only when you hit a double can you start subtracting the points (doubling in rule)
  • The last dart must hit the double segment (doubling out rule)


  • What Is A Bust In Darts?
  • What Happens If You Bust In Darts?
  • Some Interesting Facts About Busting In Darts

What Is A Bust In Darts?

A bust is when a player’s remaining points fall below 0 (typically in ‘01 darts games). For example, your remaining points are 10. Hitting a double 5 will get you the victory. But you hit the single 20 instead of double 5. Your remaining points go down to -10. That’s a bust.

What Happens If You Bust In Darts?

As a result, a bust immediately ends a player’s turn even if he/she hasn’t finished throwing all 3 darts. Also, no scored points in such turn count. This means the remaining points return to the number it was right before the turn began.

For instance, 32 is your remaining points. You get a double 8 (16 points) with your first dart. You will need another double 8 (another 16 points) with your remaining darts to win.

But you bust, you hit a double 20. Your turn ends. No scored points count in this turn. Your remaining points return to 32.

Some Interesting Facts About Busting In Darts

2 points are the lowest remaining points a player can have. The only option to win in this case is to hit the double 1 section on the board. Any other double segments will result in a bust.

Also, if your remaining points are 182 or more, you don’t have to worry about getting a bust in the next turn. It’s because 180 is the highest possible points to score in one turn (hitting a triple 20 with all 3 darts in such turn).

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