Best Place to Buy Darts Online (US & UK Country)

Best Place to Buy Darts Online (US & UK Country)

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Oct 28th, 2023

Darts is a popular sport and fun activity all over the world. But not many players know where to buy darts equipment with the best prices. In this article, we will give you some of our favorite places to buy darts online with great bargains and top-notch services.



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Best Place to Buy Darts Online in the US

1. Amazon

It’s not surprising that Amazon makes it to the list of one of the best places to buy dartboards and other equipment in the United States. Plenty of people have formed a habit of purchasing stuff on Amazon due to its convenience and good online services.

The good news is there are many hidden gems for darts equipment on this popular platform (among a lot of other over-priced products). However, you will need to spend time to find these gems. For example, with just less than $30, you can get a complete set of Red Dragon Javelin darts. It has 90% tungsten, a straight barrel with ring grips, and nitro-tech shafts. Overall, it’s a great deal for high-quality darts!

Not to mention there are many times that darts products, including dartboards, darts, lighting systems, and cases, have significant discounts. This makes buying on Amazon even a better choice, in addition to fast shipping and good customer service.

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2. A-Z Darts

A-Z Darts actually has a store in California. If you live there, you can go, find the darts products you need, and purchase directly from there. Or you can also buy online if traveling to California is too tiring.

They have a huge collection of darts and other equipment, which is nicely categorized on your website. The price range is also very flexible. Some casual darts cost as low as $5-$8. Other high-quality ones can go up to $200.

The good news is for each order of $45 or more, you will receive free shipping as long as it is within the continental US. The shipping service is fast and the customer service is also excellent. They also have a reward program in which you can earn 5% back on every purchase.

3. Overseas Suppliers

Another option that not all darts players know is buying from overseas with shipping fees. Some of the popular stores include Darts Corner and Darts Shopper, which are mainly based in the UK where darts are very popular compared to the US.

Many players usually order darts and equipment in bulk from the UK where their prices are lower. The reason for bulk purchasing is they can have a discount on the shipping fee. Many stores have excellent and fast shipping services. Just make sure that you check their shipping fee policy carefully before purchasing.

Best Place to Buy Darts Online in the UK

1. Darts Corner

Darts Corner has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for darts enthusiasts in the UK. Their extensive product range caters to all levels of players, offering a wide selection of darts, flights, shafts, and accessories, in addition to high-quality dartboards. This diversity ensures that customers can find the right darts equipment that aligns with their playing style.

What sets Darts Corner apart is its competitive pricing. They consistently provide attractive deals and discounts on well-known brands, making it an appealing choice for those looking for budget-friendly options or top-tier precision. Their reliable delivery and shipping services ensure that orders are dispatched promptly, minimizing wait times.

Darts Corner also has a responsive customer service. Their support team is known for its efficiency in handling inquiries and resolving issues. The user-friendly website and detailed product descriptions make for a straightforward shopping experience, making it accessible even for those new to the sport.

2. Darts Shopper

Although established later than other stores in the UK, Darts Shopper has become one of the best places to buy darts online in the UK. They have a wide selection of darts to choose from, including all the major brands and models. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re sure to find the perfect darts for your needs.

Darts Shopper also offers very competitive prices on darts and other darting equipment. We’ve compared prices with other online retailers, and Darts Shopper always comes out as one of the top options.

In addition, Darts Shopper offers fast and reliable delivery. We’ve always received my orders within a few days of placing them. The customer service at Darts Shopper is also good. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.


So, for the best place to buy darts, if you are in the US, go for Amazon. There are many hidden gems there. Another recommendation is A-Z Darts. Alternatively, you can order in bulk from overseas, especially from the UK where prices are lower.

If you are in the UK, go with Darts Corner. They have been a reputable brand/store for a very long term. Happy darting!

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