Bob’s 27 Darts Game: Mastering Hitting Doubles

Bob’s 27 Darts Game: Mastering Hitting Doubles

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May 30th, 2023

Are you ready to have a blast and improve your dart skills? Look no further than Bob’s 27 darts game! Whether you’re a solo player looking to practice hitting those doubles or want to challenge your friends to a friendly competition, this game guarantees a whole lot of fun and excitement. Let’s dive into the rules, scoring, and some helpful tips to master Bob’s 27 darts game!


  • How to Play Bob’s 27 Darts Game
  • Bob’s 27 Darts: Maximum and Minimum Scoring
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Why is it Called “Bob’s 27 Darts”?

How to Play Bob’s 27 Darts Game

Number of Players

The best part about Bob’s 27 darts game is that it can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends. There’s no limit on the number of players, so grab your darts and invite everyone over for an entertaining darting experience!

Rules to Play Bob’s 27 Darts

In Bob’s 27, each player starts the game with a score of 27. The objective is to make your way around the dartboard by hitting only doubles. The game will start with throwing at the double 1 for round 1, the double 2 for round 2, the double 3 for round 3, and so on, until you reach the bull for the last round.

For every dart that successfully hits its target, add the corresponding points to your score. Let’s say, in round 1, you aim at double 1 and hit it twice, you score 4 points (2 x 2). Add this to your starting score of 27, and your total becomes 31.

However, if you miss all three darts in a round, you will lose points equal to the value of the missed double. For example, missing all three darts in round 2 means deducting 4 points (the value of double 2), bringing your score down to 31-4=27.

You have the chance to gain up to three doubles’ worth of points each round, but you can only lose one double’s worth.

If your score reaches zero or falls below, unfortunately, you’re out of the game. At the end of the game, whoever has the higher/highest score will win.

Examples of Scoring

Let’s walk through an example to give you a better idea of how scoring works.

Player 1 throws at double 1 and hits it twice, earning 4 points (2 x 2). They add this to their starting score of 27, resulting in a total score of 31. Player 2 takes their turn, also hitting double 1 twice and reaching a score of 31.

Player 1 now throws at double 2 but unfortunately misses all three darts. As a consequence, they lose 4 points (the value of double 2) and their score decreases to 27. Meanwhile, Player 2 successfully hits all their doubles on number 2, scoring 12 points (3 times 4 points) and advancing their score to 43. The players continue their journey around the board until the end. Whoever has the higher score after all the rounds wins the game or whoever drops to zero points loses.

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Bob’s 27 Darts: Maximum and Minimum Scoring

In Bob’s 27 darts game, the lowest score you can achieve is zero points. This occurs when you miss every throw throughout the game. Although it may not be ideal, it still allows you five rounds’ worth of attempts to improve your skills.

On the other hand, the highest possible score is an impressive 1437 points. To achieve this, you must hit every double three times, in numerical order. No miss is allowed.

Tips and Tricks

There are not many tips and tricks for the game of Bob’s 27 darts. Just one thing to remember, the latter rounds have higher points. For example, hitting all 3 darts on the double 20 (in the round 20) will bring you 40 x 3 = 120 points. This can easily turn the game around and make you a winner. So, don’t lose your focus even if you miss some in several first rounds.

Avoid missing all three darts in a round to prevent your score from dropping. And remember: Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing on those doubles to enhance your throwing skills!

Why is it Called “Bob’s 27 Darts”?

Bob’s 27 darts game was invented by the legendary Bob Anderson, a prominent figure in the world of darts. Bob Anderson, with his passion and expertise in the game, devised this unique and challenging darts game for players to enhance their skills and have a great time.

So, gather your friends or challenge yourself to Bob’s 27 darts game, and let the darts fly! Get ready for an exciting journey around the dartboard, aiming for those doubles and aiming for victory. Happy darting!

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