Do Soft Tip Darts Damage Walls? What Are Soft Tip Darts Made Of?

Do Soft Tip Darts Damage Walls? What Are Soft Tip Darts Made Of?

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May 26th, 2023

Soft tip darts offer a safer alternative to traditional steel tip darts, as they reduce the risk of injury due to plastic points. But do soft tip darts damage walls? If you are curious about the answer, then our article below is for you. Get started now!



  • What Are Soft Tip Darts Made Of?
  • How Can You Prevent Soft Tip Darts from Damaging Walls?
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What Are Soft Tip Darts Made Of?

Soft tip darts are typically made from a combination of brass and plastic. The plastic is usually polyester or nylon, while the brass is often alloyed with other metals for strength.

Soft tip and steel tip darts are identical in terms of the components. They both consist of a point, barrel, shaft, and flight. The main difference is the material. Steel tip darts have a metal point, while soft tip darts have a plastic point.

The barrels of soft tip darts could be made from brass or tungsten to provide a secure grip for players. The shafts of these darts come in different lengths and widths to accommodate various playing styles. The flight of the dart is usually made from nylon or other lightweight materials to ensure accuracy and stability.

Soft tip darts typically weigh between 16g and 21g while the most common steel tip darts range between 18g and 28g.

Soft tip darts with a plastic point are commonly used for electronic dartboards which are also composed of plastic. Soft tip darts are less durable than steel tip darts due to their plastic points, but you can purchase other plastic points to replace them.

It is possible for soft tip darts to cause damage to walls, especially drywall. Due to the heavy barrel, when you throw the darts with significant force, the plastic point may leave deep gouges when making an impact against the wall. If you repeatedly misthrow and hit the same spot, the cumulative effect could eventually severe damage to the wall.

Not only darts can damage walls when missing the board, but they can also mess up the floor if landing on the tip repeatedly. This is a very common case for steel-tip darts, which can leave many holes on your floor. Soft tip darts, on the other, cause much less damage to the floor (nearly zero) due to their plastic tips.

How Can You Prevent Soft Tip Darts from Damaging Walls?

Although soft tip darts are safe, it would be best if you are extra careful and find a way to protect your wall from damage in the long run.

If you use bristle dartboards, there are a few common ways:

  • Use cabinets
  • Use dartboard surround – a piece of plastic, foam, or even wood that sits behind the board and against the wall to catch any stray darts that may miss the board.

If you’re using an electronic dartboard, it’s a bit difficult because different products often have different designs and sizes. Therefore, it’s hard to have a standardized cabinet or dartboard surround. However, there are still some products that go with the cabinet (which perfectly fits the board), such as:

  • Viper Neptune With Cabinet
  • Fat Cat Mercury With Cabinet
  • Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 With Cabinet

In addition, you can also make a DIY backboard for your soft tip dartboard, may it be a sheet of corkboard or a sheet of plywood.


Soft tip darts can still damage walls if you throw them with significant force and hit them repeatedly on the same spot. We suggest you use a cabinet or a dartboard surround or backboard to protect your wall in the long run.

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