How to Play Hare and Hound Darts Game: Chase and Get Chased

How to Play Hare and Hound Darts Game: Chase and Get Chased

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Dec 5th, 2023

Players at all skill levels, even if there is a skill gap, can play Hare and Hound darts game. The rules are super simple and don’t require you to do any score calculations.

This blog will show you how to play this game with basic rules and how to make it more enjoyable for players with different skill sets.


  • How to Play Hare and Hound Darts Game
  • Scoring in the Hare and Hound Darts Game
  • Variations of Hare and Hound Darts Game

How to Play Hare and Hound Darts Game

Sometimes this game is called the Hunt Fox darts game. But it follows the same rules.

1. Decide who is Hare and who is Hound

This game is ideal for two players. You will need to decide who is Hare and who is Hound. You can take a turn throwing one dart at the board. Who gets the darts closest to the inner bull will be Hound (or Hare). Or simply go for rock-paper-scissors to decide.

2. Know the objectives of Hare and Hound in the game

Hare will start at number 20 and his goal is to go around the board clockwise without getting caught by Hound. If he reaches number 20 again, he wins. This is kind of similar to the Around the World darts game, but now you have the pressure of being chased by your opponent.

Hound, on the other hand, will start at number 5 and his only goal is to catch Hare. This is done by landing on the same number where Hare is standing.

3. Throw darts in the right order

Hare and Hound will have 3 darts per turn to throw at the board to move. The first throwing target for Hare is number 20 and for Hound is number 5.

As Hare, you will need to hit the darts at the numbers in the clockwise order. So, you will need to hit the numbers 20, 1, 18, 4, 13, 6, and so forth clockwise until you reach the number 20 again. Any darts that don’t follow the order will count as missed.

The same rules apply to Hound. He will also have to move by hitting the numbers in the same clockwise order. But remember, his only goal is to catch Hare before Hare reaches number 20 again.

At a basic level, any segment of a number count (singles, double, or treble). Let’s have an example of a simple short game. Let’s say, you are Hare and your opponent is Hound.

In the first round:

– You hit single 20, double 1, and triple 18. You end up at number 18 (remember, every segment of a number counts).

– Your opponent Hound chases you and hits double 5, double 18, and double 20. He ends up at number 20 (since the dart hitting double 18 does not follow in the clockwise order, it does not count).

In the second round:

– You hit double 20, single 1, and double 1. You end up standing still at number 18 (you will need to hit the next number, number 4, to move on).

– Hound hits triple 1, and single 18. Boom! He catches you. He wins!

4. Swap the roles with your opponent

Once there’s a winner, Hare or Hound, the game doesn’t stop immediately. You will swap the role with your opponent and restart. So, if you are Hare in the last game, now you are Hound.

Play another game and decide whether you have a clear winner or it’s a tie. When it’s a tie, you can play another game or a couple of games to see who is the winner.

Scoring in the Hare and Hound Darts Game

There is no scoring in this game. That’s why it’s very easy to play. Players only need to hit the numbers clockwise to travel around the board.

The only concern is that sometimes we forget where Hare and Hound are currently standing. Just noting it down quickly on paper, on a phone, or scoreboard will do the trick.

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Variations of Hare and Hound Darts Game

As mentioned, the game can be played by 2 players with different skill levels. You can add additional rules for the more skilled player to make it more challenging for him/her and balance the game. The following are the common ones that you can add to your game.

Changing the starting points

If the skilled player is Hound, instead of starting at number 5, make it number 9 or even 12. If Hare is a beginner player, let him start at number 1 or 18 instead of 20.

Only the doubles and trebles

Keep the basic rules for the less-skilled player. For the more-skilled one, add an additional rule that he/she must hit the double or treble of a number to move. For example, if he’s standing at number 1, he has to hit the double segment of the next number clockwise, number 18, to move to this number.

Maybe add another rule that if the skilled player misses 3 darts per turn, he will travel backward one number. Feel free to be creative and add more rules if needed to balance the fun for all players!

Now you know how to play the Hare and Hound darts game, let’s invite your friends and have fun! Happy darting!

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