Heavy darts vs light darts: Which one is better?

Heavy darts vs light darts: Which one is better?

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Apr 15th, 2023

Are you trying to find the ideal darts for your game? Then first you will need to think about the weight since every player has their own comfort weight which very much affects their grips and throwing efficiency.

In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of heavy darts versus light darts so you can choose the best option for your style. Let’s get started!



  • How Heavy Are Darts?
  • Are Heavy or Light Darts Better?
  • Heavy Darts vs Light Darts: Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion

How Heavy Are Darts?

Here are the different weight classes of darts:

  • Darts can weigh from 12g to 50g.
  • Popular and bestselling darts weigh from 21g – 26g. 
  • Average-weighted darts are between 21g – 24g.
  • Light darts are about 21g or less 
  • Heavy darts are about 25g – 26g or more. 

It’s worth noting that how heavy a dart is significantly depends on one’s preferences. It is also worth mentioning that two different darts can have the same weight but each product can have a different weight distribution. Some darts can be heavy at the front, in the middle, or at the rear.

Are Heavy or Light Darts Better?

There is no one correct answer for all. Which weight category is better, heavy or light, really depends on the personal preferences of each player, including their level, way of gripping darts, weight distribution, throwing force, and other factors.

Beginners often use darts of average to heavy weight (around 22g – 28g or even 30g).

In contrast, experienced players and professionals often use darts weighing 21g – 24g, except for a few cases like Phil Taylor or Robert Thornton – who were very popular with using the heavy darts, around 26g. Many players believe that light darts provide better control and help them throw more consistently and accurately.

> Check out the darts weights used by the top-ranked players in the world for reference.

Here are some tips to help you decide which is better for you between heavy darts and light darts. If you want a better feeling on the grip and throw or if you throw with moderate or a lot of power, go for heavy darts. They are stable while traveling and easy to throw, especially for beginners. 

Another situation you should go for heavy darts is when your arm’s aiming position is rather high. Because of the weight, heavy darts tend to drop a bit on the way before hitting the board.

On the contrary, many experienced players go for light darts because it gives them better control, more accuracy, and more consistency when throwing. Many darts beginners, on the other hand, find it difficult to grip and throw light darts consistently.

Here’s the philosophy for how to choose dart weight: The vast majority of players agree that it is very hard to choose a dart that has the right weight at first. The approach is “try and error”. You should pick a dart set with a popular weight for beginners (24g – 26g or even 28g – 30g), try it out, and change to another option if it doesn’t fit. Repeat until you find the right one.

Heavy Darts vs Light Darts: Pros and Cons

1. Heavy Darts


  • Durable, as they’re less likely to be damaged during play.
  • Easier to throw darts consistently.
  • Can create a higher level of penetration into the dartboard, resulting in fewer bounce-outs.
  • More control over the trajectory due to the heavyweight.


  • Can be bulky and hard to fit 3 darts into one scoring segment.
  • Can cause more damage to the dartboard than lighter darts.
  • With longer matches, the large weight will result in arm fatigue.

2. Light Darts 


  • Less likely to cause damage to the dartboard.
  • Greater speed.
  • Easy for 3 darts to hit one scoring segment because of the thin barrel.
  • Can cause less fatigue over time, as they require less energy to throw.
  • Can be easier to adjust with throwing force.


  • Can be more affected by wind, as they are lighter.
  • Higher risk of darts falling off the dartboard if not thrown with the right techniques.
  • Can be hard for beginners to control or throw.


To sum up, which is better for you, heavy darts or light darts, depends on your preferences and experience. If you are a beginner, we advise you to try slightly heavy darts 23 – 25g. Remember, don’t expect to choose the right darts weight right off the bat. Keep on trying different options until you find the right one!

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