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How Much Does a Dartboard Cost? How Much Is a Good One?

How Much Does a Dartboard Cost? How Much Is a Good One?

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Nov 30th, 2023

You often heard that darts is accessible and not expensive to start. Yes, it is true. But a dartboard’s cost very varies depending on many factors. If you ever wonder “How much does a dartboard cost?” then worry not, because we’ve got all the answers for you.

In this blog, we’ll explore the price ranges of different types of dartboards and why investing in a high-quality board is worth every penny. So, let’s get started on this exciting journey!



  • How Much Does a Dartboard Cost?

How Much Does a Dartboard Cost?

The cost of a dartboard can vary depending on the materials and features it offers.

Bristle dartboards range from $30 to $120. Electronic boards are somewhere between $100 to $350. Other board types such as paper, cork, and magnetic boards usually cost less than $40.

Let’s take a closer look at each type and discover why investing in a quality dart board is a decision you won’t regret.

Cost of Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dartboards are a popular choice among intermediate, advanced, and professional players. They are crafted from high-quality sisal fibers, which provide exceptional durability and self-healing properties. These boards can handle countless throws without losing their shape or integrity.

“But are they really worth the price?” you may wonder. Absolutely! Here are some characteristics that make investing in a high-quality bristle dartboard a wise choice:

1. Durability: A well-constructed bristle board can last for years, even with regular use. It’s built to withstand the toughest throws and maintain its integrity over time.

2. Reduced bounce-outs: High-quality boards apply new technologies to make the scoring areas larger and the spider much thinner and staple free. This means fewer bounce-outs, fewer frustrating moments, and more accurate scoring.

3. Self-healing properties: Good bristle boards have densely packed fibers that ensure your darts stick to the board more consistently. This also allows the boards to have the incredible ability to heal themselves. When you remove your darts, the holes close up, leaving a smooth surface for your next throw. It’s like magic!

4. Authentic playing experience: If you’re serious about your darts game, a bristle board is a must-have. It closely mimics the feel and characteristics of professional tournament boards, allowing you to practice and refine your skills effectively.

Considering all these fantastic qualities, it’s no surprise that a high-quality bristle dartboard can cost anywhere from $80 to $120. It may seem like a significant investment, but trust us, it’s a worthwhile one that will bring you countless hours of dart-throwing joy!

If you are looking for a board, we highly recommend the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core and Triple Core. They are definitely one of the best dartboards on out list and on the market right now.

Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core

  • Why you should buy:
  • Great durability with 2 layers of sisal
  • Great self-healing
  • Thin and staple-free wiring
  • Great stability during gameplay (Rota lock system)
  • Good looking

Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core

  • Why you should buy:
  • Everything Blade 6 Dual Core offers
  • A third carbon fiber reinforced base layer (latest technology)
  • The board used currently by PDC events and professionals

Cost of Electronic Dartboards

Now, let’s explore the world of electronic dartboards. These boards are a blend of traditional dart gameplay and modern technology. While they do come with a higher price tag, the features they offer make them worth considering:

1. Interactive games: Electronic dartboards come with a wide range of built-in games, scoring options, multiplayer modes, and fun features (like sound effects). You can challenge your friends, family, or even play against computer opponents, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to your dart sessions. You can even play online with some of the latest models of electronic boards.

2. Automated scoring: Say goodbye to manual calculations and arguments over scores. Electronic boards have sensors that accurately track and display your scores. This not only saves you time but also eliminates any disputes, allowing you to focus on the game.

3. Versatility and customization: Electronic dartboards offer adjustable difficulty levels, game variations, and even sound effects. You can tailor your gaming experience to match your skill level and preferences. It’s like having a dartboard that adapts to your needs!

While electronic dartboards can range from $100 to $350, the advanced features and interactive gameplay they provide make them a fantastic investment for intermediate and advanced players who want to take their dart sessions to the next level.

For suggestions, you should check out the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. It has everything built in and ready for you to enjoy fun games with family and friends.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

  • Why you should buy:
  • 39 games with 179 variations
  • Multi-player support (up to 8 players)
  • Multi-player score displays and a Cricket game display
  • Optional Heckler mode (fun voices)
  • Showing average points per dart
  • Great durability

Read more about: Arachnid Cricket pro 800 vs 900

Cost of Magnetic Dartboards

Now, let’s talk about magnetic dartboards. These boards have a unique appeal, especially when it comes to safety and family-friendly play. If you have young children or simply want a more relaxed dart experience, magnetic dartboards are an excellent choice.

Magnetic dartboards use plastic darts with magnetic tips. This eliminates the risk of sharp metal tips and makes them safe for children to enjoy. Additionally, the magnetic surface of the board ensures that the darts stick to it easily, preventing frustration and promoting a positive playing experience.

While magnetic dartboards may not have all the advanced features of bristle or electronic boards, they serve a specific purpose. They are an affordable option, usually costing less than $40, and provide a safe and enjoyable dart experience for the whole family.

Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board

  • Why you should buy:
  • Strong magnetic darts
  • Safety for kids
  • Large surface
  • Great durability

In conclusion, the cost of a dartboard depends on various factors, including the materials used and the features it offers. While there are cheaper options available, investing in a high-quality bristle, electronic, or magnetic dartboard can significantly enhance your dart-playing experience. These boards offer durability, authenticity, advanced features, and endless hours of dart-throwing excitement. So, go ahead and choose the dartboard that suits your needs and budget, and get ready to aim for that bullseye like a pro!

Remember, it’s not just about the cost—it’s about the value and enjoyment you’ll receive from your new dartboard. Happy throwing, and may your darts always find their mark with style and precision!

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