How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?

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Aug 21st, 2023

Bermuda Triangle Darts is a fascinating game that you should play. What makes it so interesting is the promising winner can become a loser any time. Sounds fun? We’ll show you how to play Bermuda Triangle Darts and tips to win it.



  • What And Why Should You Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?
  • Basic Rules to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts
  • Tips to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts
  • Conclusion

What And Why Should You Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?

Bermuda Triangle Darts is one of the most popular darts games. It is quite similar to 301 and 501. But instead of making subtractions to bring your points down to 0, the players will try their best to earn as many points as possible in each round, and whoever reaches the highest score at the end will win.

There will be 13 rounds in this game; each round will has one specific segment/number to hit.

Bermuda Triangle Darts is fun and challenging since it’s hard to predict who is going to win. This is because if a player misses all three darts in one round, their total points will be halved.

The promising winner can become the loser at any time.

Basic Rules to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

Here is the detailed instructions on how to play Bermuda Triangle Darts:

Know Where To Hit

There are 13 rounds in total; each one requires you to hit a specific target/number. If you hit other numbers that are not specified in a round, it doesn’t count.

Take a look at the table below for more details:


Note: This table is widely used among players. But you can always decide which numbers/segments to hit in which rounds, as long as other players agree.

Score as Many Points as Possible

Each player (or team) will throw three darts per turn at the right target in each round. The main objective here is to earn as many points as possible. And the best way to do so is to aim for the doubles and triples.

The scoring in this Bermuda Triangle Darts is the same as the 301 or 501 darts. In particular:

  • The inner bullseye (red) gives 50 points
  • The outer bullseye green gives 25 points
  • The triple ring triples the points
  • The double ring doubles the points
  • The completely-black outer ring gives no points
  • The remaining parts (aka the singles) gives the exact points equal to the numbers.

Read more about: How to score in darts.

Avoid Missing 3 Darts Per Turn

Your total points will be cut in half if you miss 3 darts per turn. So, avoid this.

Let’s say your accumulated points are 30. If you miss all 3 throws that round, your total score will go down to 15.

One thing to note is all players should agree on whether to round up or round down if the divided total points are odd numbers. For example, if your points are 25 and you miss 3 darts, will the points be 12 or 13 after being cut in half?

Keep Your Score as High as Possible Until The End

After 13 rounds, the player with the highest scored points will be the winner. So, score as many as possible but don’t forget to avoid missing all 3 darts per turn.

Tips to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

1. Aim at the singles first: It is not easy to hit the doubles or triples because the rings are very small, especially if you’re a beginner. You’d better start with the easier sections first, which are the singles, to minimize missing all darts per turn.

2. Aim at triple as many as possible: Hitting the triple sections will bring you the highest points.

3. Be more careful in the final rounds: There is always a chance that you will lose in the final rounds, as your points will be halved when you miss all darts. Stay calm and aim for the singles first.


In conclusion, the rules of how to play Bermuda Triangle Darts are not too difficult. The most important thing to bear in mind is how you guarantee that all three darts reach the right points. Bermuda Triangle is a good game to train your strategic and calculating skills. And practice makes perfect!

If you’re still uncertain about how to play and the game’s rules, feel free to reach out to us directly on the Ingahub website or simply leave a comment below. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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