What is an Electronic Dartboard? What Are the Benefits?

What is an Electronic Dartboard? What Are the Benefits?

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Oct 19th, 2023

Electronic dartboards, often seen as the high-tech evolution of the classic pub game, have found their place in countless rec rooms and sports bars around the world. But what exactly are they, and how do they work? Are they any good? Can you use traditional steel darts on them?

In this comprehensive guide at Ingahub, we’re diving deep into the world of electronic dartboards to answer these questions and provide you with a thorough understanding of this modern take on a traditional pastime.



  • How do electronic dart boards work?
  • Are electronic dartboards any good?
  • What are the benefits of an electronic dart board?
  • Are electronic dartboards battery-operated?
  • Can you use metal darts on an electronic dart board?

How do electronic dart boards work?

At the heart of any electronic dartboard is a network of sensors that work in harmony to provide an automated and interactive dart-playing experience. Here’s a closer look at how these boards operate:

  1. Sensor Technology: Electronic dartboards are equipped with a grid of sensors covering their surface. These sensors are incredibly precise and can detect the exact location where a dart hits the board.
  2. Automated Scoring: The moment a dart strikes the board, the sensors spring into action. They calculate the score based on the segment of the dartboard that was hit. There’s no need for manual scorekeeping or arithmetic; the electronic board instantly displays your score.
  3. Game Variety: These electronic wonders come preloaded with a variety of dart games, from the classic 501 to Cricket and more. The board not only keeps track of your scores but also guides you through the rules and strategies of each game.
  4. Sensory Enhancements: To heighten the playing experience, many electronic dartboards incorporate sound effects, LED displays, and even voice commentary. You’ll feel like you’re playing in a professional tournament, right in your own home.

Are electronic dartboards any good?

We personally think high-quality electronic dart boards are totally worth an investment. However, the suitability of electronic dartboards largely depends on your objectives and preferences:

  • Casual Play: If you’re looking for a fun, hassle-free dart experience with friends and family, electronic dartboards are an excellent choice. They’re user-friendly and provide entertainment for all skill levels.
  • Practice and Improvement: For those serious about refining their dart skills, electronic boards offer an ideal practice platform. They handle scoring, so you can focus on perfecting your throw.
  • Serious Competitions: While electronic dartboards are entertaining, traditional cork dartboards and steel-tip darts remain the standard for official tournaments. Purists often prefer the authenticity and challenge they offer.

Electronic dartboards serve a range of purposes, from casual recreation to intensive practice and friendly competition. Your choice should align with your goals and level of commitment to the sport.

What are the benefits of an electronic dart board?

Electronic dartboards offer unique advantages compared to traditional boards, making them a great choice for both casual enthusiasts and serious dart competitors.

1. Automatic scoring and reduced math

One of the most significant advantages of electronic dartboards is their ability to provide automatic scoring. Traditional dartboards require mental arithmetic to calculate scores, which can be challenging, especially during intense games. Electronic dartboards eliminate this burden entirely. When a dart hits the board, the sensors instantly calculate the score and display it on the screen. This feature makes the game more accessible and enjoyable, especially for those who aren’t mathematically inclined.

2. Diverse game selection

Electronic dartboards come pre-programmed with a variety of dart games. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, you’ll find games that suit your skill level and preferences. From classic games like 501 and Cricket to more elaborate options, these dartboards offer endless entertainment possibilities. You can explore different games and challenge yourself to master new ones.

3. Solo play and practice

Electronic dartboards are designed to accommodate solo play. This feature is invaluable for those who want to practice and improve their dart skills independently. You can compete against virtual opponents or engage in practice routines without needing a partner. This solo mode is an excellent way to refine your accuracy and consistency, making you a more formidable dart player.

4. Progress tracking and statistics

Many electronic dartboards go beyond scoring and offer data-tracking capabilities. They store detailed statistics about your performance, such as average scores, checkout percentages, and even the number of 180s (maximum scores) achieved. This data allows you to monitor your progress over time, identify areas for improvement, and set specific goals to enhance your game.

5. Safety first

Electronic dartboards use soft-tip darts instead of traditional steel-tip darts. This design choice prioritizes safety. Soft-tip darts reduce the risk of injury, making electronic dartboards suitable for players of all ages, including children. Additionally, they minimize the potential for damage to walls and surrounding areas, as they are less likely to cause punctures or dents.

6. Interactive features

Some advanced electronic dartboards offer interactive features that enhance the gaming experience. These may include voice commentary, animated graphics, and sound effects. For example, the board might announce your score or offer strategic tips during gameplay. These interactive elements add an exciting and immersive dimension to your dart sessions.

7. Online play and competition

In the digital age, electronic dartboards can connect you to a global community of dart players. Many models offer online play, allowing you to compete against opponents from around the world. You can participate in virtual tournaments, challenge friends remotely, and even join online leagues. This connectivity opens up new avenues for competition and camaraderie, making the game of darts more dynamic and engaging.

Are electronic dartboards battery-operated?

Yes, the majority of electronic dartboards operate on battery power. This design choice offers significant advantages, including portability and ease of setup. You can enjoy your electronic dartboard in various locations without the need for a nearby power outlet. Just remember to keep spare batteries on hand to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

While battery operation is common, some boards may offer dual power options, allowing you to use batteries or plug the board into an electrical outlet using an adapter. This versatility gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred power source based on your playing environment and preferences.

Can you use metal darts on an electronic dart board?

It’s not recommended to use metal or steel-tip darts on electronic dartboards designed for soft-tip darts. These boards are specifically calibrated to work with soft-tip darts, which feature plastic or nylon tips that won’t damage the sensitive electronic sensors. Attempting to use metal darts can lead to sensor damage, rendering the board inoperable. To protect the functionality of your electronic dartboard and ensure a smooth and safe playing experience, stick with the appropriate soft-tip darts.

Happy darting!

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