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Winmau Diamond Plus vs Blade 6: Which Dartboard Is for You?

Winmau Diamond Plus vs Blade 6: Which Dartboard Is for You?

6 minutes read
Oct 2nd, 2023

Winmau Diamond Plus dartboard can be a great choice for casual plays and beginners. But if you are looking for an option to practice professionally, then Winmau Blade 6 is a better choice. This blog will dissect their similarities and major differences to help you understand and decide which one is better for your needs.

Winmau Diamond PlusWinmau Blade 6
Great durability
Removable number ring
Thin spiderThinThinner
StaplesYes, has staplesNo, no staples
Rota-lock systemNo, but it has something similar


  • Winmau Balde 6 vs Diamond Plus: The Similarities
  • Winmau Balde 6 vs Diamond Plus: The Similarities
  • Our Advice

Winmau Balde 6 vs Diamond Plus: The Similarities

1. The look

Both dartboards share the same traditional-style number ring and some typical veins on their surface. Please note that these veins are not defects. They are the result after the sisal biscuits are compressed together to form the board.

The color scheme of the Blade 6 seems to be brighter than the Diamond Plus. Their Winmau logo is also different. The logo on the Blade 6 is smaller and white, meanwhile, that of the Diamond Plus is much bigger and has a red border around it.

2. Thin spider

Both the Winmau Blade 6 and Diamond Plus have a thin spider, which is far better than a lot of other dartboards on the market.

However, since the Blade 6 came out later than the Diamond Plus, its spider is slightly thinner and better embedded on the surface.

3. Great durability

Both boards are made from the finest sisal with the right degree of thickness. So, you can ensure that they can last for a long time, which can range from one to many years, depending on the playing frequency. Just remember to maintain your dartboard regularly.

Both boards have a removable number ring. Rotate it regularly to make sure different scoring segments get even hits, expanding the board’s lifespan.

For self-healing, the Blade 6 seems to heal faster than the Diamond Plus.

4. Rota-lock system

The Winmau Blade models, Blade 6 included, are always well-known for their Rota-lock system. It has 3 small wheels that can be easily installed at the board’s back to help level and stabilize the board against the wall. This feature has gained a lot of love from many darts players.

The Diamond Plus doesn’t have the Rota-lock system but something similar. It includes three metal clips that can also be installed at the back. The installment is not hard but not as easy as the Rota-lock system.

Winmau Balde 6 vs Diamond Plus: The Similarities

1. Staples

Although the Winmau Diamond Plus has a relatively thin spider, there are many staples between two scoring segments on the double and triple rings. Especially on the border of the outer green bull, there are also many staples. Staples are the biggest difference between the Diamond Plus and Blade 6.

Staples on the spider often cause bounce-outs, which we think most darts players would agree to be annoying. However, the staples on the Diamond Plus are not big. In fact, they are relatively small.

If you just play casual games with friends and family once in a while, it shouldn’t be a big problem. But if you want a board to practice seriously or professionally, we wouldn’t recommend the one with staples.

Winmau Blade 6, on the other hand, doesn’t have staples. Together with a thin wireframe, the dartboard offers a better playing experience by minimizing bounce-outs and increasing scoring potentials. It can be used for both casual plays and professional practice.

2. Price

The Winmau Blade 6 is more expensive than the Diamond Plus. The price is around $30 if there isn’t any discount. Is the gap worth it? Well, it depends on your needs. We personally always prefer a board with a thin and staple-free spider since bounce-outs can be quite annoying.

Our Advice

The Winmau Blade 6 and Diamond Plus shares lots of common things, including great durability, thin wireframe, a traditional look, and included accessories.

If you want a board to play casual games once in a while, and you don’t mind staples, then the Diamond Plus can still be a solid choice with a reasonable price. If you want to practice seriously, it’s worth investing some more money to get the Winmau Blade 6 since it’s staple-free hence offering a better playing experience.

Winmau Diamond PlusWinmau Blade 6
Summary1. Pros:
– Great durability
– Good self-healing
– Thin spider
– More affordable price2. Cons:
– Staples on the surface (more bounce-outs)
1. Pros:
– Great durability
– Faster self-healing
– Thinner and staple-free spider
– Use for both casual plays and professional practice2. Cons:
– Higher price

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