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Your Wall Matters! Best Dartboard Surrounds to Buy

Your Wall Matters! Best Dartboard Surrounds to Buy

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Apr 15th, 2024

Darts can cause severe damage when missing the board and making contact with the wall. We can all agree that no one wants holes on their walls, which make the walls look super ugly and cost significant money to repair. Solution? Buy yourself a dartboard surround.

Many players prefer a surround over a cabinet since it’s easier to set up and gives a sense of more open space for playing.

Similar to dartboards, backing surrounds come in many brands, sizes, materials, and designs. In this blog post, we give you our top 4 best dartboard surrounds that can return the best value for your buck.


  • 4 Best Dartboard Surrounds (Tested and Reviewed)
  • How to Choose a Dartboard Surround

4 Best Dartboard Surrounds (Tested and Reviewed)

1. Winmau Dartboard Surround – Best for Winmau Dartboards

Why you should buy

  • Great foam thickness of 1.5 inches for better wall protection
  • Perfect snug fit for dartboards from 17.75 - 18 inches
  • Ease of setup
  • Many colors to choose

What you should be aware of

  • Quite small coverage for beginners (whose missed darts tend to rest far away from the board)

Winmau Dartboard Surround

  • 27.56 x 27.56 x 1.57 inches (LxWxH)
  • Foam material
  • Round shape
  • Perfect snug fit for all Winmau dartboards
  • Ease of setup
  • Thickness of 1.5 inches
  • Many colors to choose
  • Our rating: 9/10

We have this one behind our Winmau Blade 5 and we totally love it! If you own a Winmau dartboard, this surround option is your solution to go since it will fit your board perfectly and stably.

The surround is made of foam and the thickness is very on-point (1.5 inches). We tested it out by inviting many players to come over and play. All the missed darts stick well on the surround and none were able to go through and damage the wall.

What we love is the holes on the surround heal very fast. After months of use, it’s still going strong and looks freshly new.

The setup is very easy. You hang your dartboard up and then snug the surround around it. That’s it.

We highly recommend this Winmau Dartboard Surround. However, the size of this product is rather small (27.56 x 27.56 inches – round shape). So, if you and your darts fellows are beginners whose aiming is not good and darts tend to miss the board by miles away, then consider another surround with a larger size would be a better solution to protect the wall.

2. Viper by GLD Products Defender III – Best Large-Size Dartboard Surround

Why you should buy

  • Large surface (45 x 32 inches)
  • Fair foam thickness of 1 inch
  • Perfect snug fit for 18 inch dartboards
  • Ease of setup

What you should be aware of

  • Some buyers claimed the surround pieces are mislabeled and dirty

Viper by GLD Products Defender III

  • 45 x 32 x 1 inches (LxWxH)
  • Foam material
  • Square shape
  • Snug fit for 17.75 and 18 inch dartboards
  • Ease of setup
  • Thickness of 1 inch
  • Our rating: 8/10

We love this backboard surround because of its large surface (45 x 32 inches). It’s really suitable for beginners whose aiming is still not good.

The thickness is 1 inch. Some players claimed their darts went through the foam and left holes on their walls. We didn’t experience this, even when we tried to throw with significant force. The surround does well protecting the wall from missed darts and also heals well.

The setup is pretty easy. The surround comes with 6 pieces which can be very easy to assemble. After putting them together, you only need to snug it around the board.

The surround fits well with our 18-inch Winmau Blade 6 board. However, with a 17.75 inch board, it will leave a little gap between the bottom of the board and the surround. But you can use the included compression band to fill this gap.

3. Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional Dart Board Backboard, Octagonal – Best Design Surround

Why you should buy

  • Large surface (36 x 36 inches)
  • Fair foam thickness of 1 inch
  • Pre-install bracket to hang your bristle board
  • Ease of setup
  • Nice-looking and stylish octagon design
  • Clear included instructions

What you should be aware of

  • Not cheap

Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional DartBoard Backboard, Octagonal

  • 36 x 36 x 1 inches (LxWxH)
  • Octagon shape
  • Pre-install recessed bracket to hang a bristle dartboard
  • Ease of setup with hardware included
  • Thickness of 1 inch
  • Woking for both bristle and electronic dartboards
  • 3 colors to choose
  • Our rating: 8.5/10

This surround has nearly 5/5 review stars on Amazon and it’s legit! What we love the most is the large surface and octagon design, which can catch more missed darts from beginners whose aiming is not good.

It’s a well-made and nice-looking surround, which not only protects your wall but also makes your darts space look much cooler. Thickness is enough to prevent darts from going through.

The setup takes some work but is very straightforward. You will need to drill two included screws into two already-marked mounting points. After hanging the surround on the wall, you then hang the board (bristle) on the pre-install bracket and you’re good to go.

Due to the large octagon shape, the surround can also fit beautifully with an electronic dartboard (popular ones like Cricket Pro and Gran Board). For the setup, you will need to measure carefully and drill screws at the right locations, then hang the board up.

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4. Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard – Honor Nomination

Why you should buy

  • Thickness of 1 inch
  • Pre-install bracket to hang your bristle board
  • Nice and stylish look

What you should be aware of

  • Medium surface

Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard

  • 29 x 29 x 1 inches (LxWxH)
  • MDF wood material
  • Square shape
  • Pre-install bracket to hang a board
  • Thickness of 1 inch
  • Hardware included
  • Our rating: 8/10

With a classic black color and dark mahogany finish, the surround looks beautiful and classy!

The setup will take some work but is not so hard. You will need to measure where to hang the dartboard, then hang up the surround with the pre-installed hanging brackets and included hardware. There’s also a pre-installed bracket in the center, you only need to slide your board on and start playing.

The argument around this surround is whether missed darts stick on it. Many players claimed their darts bounced out. Others believed that was because the throwing technique was not good so the darts didn’t stick.

We had a chance to come over to one of our darts friend’s house and tried out this backboard. Although some did fall out, the majority of missed darts hit and stayed on the surround. Overall, we think it’s still one of the best surrounds to consider buying.

How to Choose a Dartboard Surround

Here are some tips to pick a quality backboard or dartboard surround:

1. Consider the size. Go for a larger surface if your and your friends’ aiming is not good.

2. Consider the materials. We prefer foam and wood. The former option offers a great self-healing capability and quieter sound when darts hit.

3. Consider the setup. If you just want a quick and lightweight solution, go for the surround like Winmau surround which you only need to snug around the board to start playing.

4. Consider the budget. Just remember a high-quality product can return more than it costs.

5. Check carefully if the surround in question can fit your dartboard’s size and type.

Hope this article helps you find the best dartboard surround for your needs! Happy darting!

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