Different Types of DartBoards: Which One Is The Best?

Different Types of DartBoards: Which One Is The Best?

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Aug 24th, 2023

There are different types of dartboards on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Do you want an electronic dartboard or a traditional bristle dartboard? What about a magnetic or cork dartboard? In this blog post, we will discuss the most popular types of dartboards and help you figure out which one is best for your needs!



  • Different Types of Dartboards: Why so?
  • Different Types of Dartboards: Most Common Ones
  • Decide Which Types of Dartboards Is Best for You

Different Types of Dartboards: Why so?

Different types of dartboards exist for different reasons. Electronic dartboards, for example, are popular because they are easy to use and provide a lot of entertainment. They typically have a lot of different games and scoring options to keep you entertained.

Traditional bristle dartboards are popular because they offer a more realistic experience and are often used in competitive settings. Wooden dartboards are often used because they are durable and offer a classic look. Magnetic dartboards are common because they are safe for kids since they don’t use sharp-tip darts.

Each type has its own advantages, disadvantages, and user pool, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. You need to consider what you want out of a dartboard and then research the different types to find the best one for your needs.

No worries, in the next sections, we’re introducing some of the most popular types of dartboards, whom they best serve, when to use, and their pros and cons.

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Different Types of Dartboards: Most Common Ones

Bristle Dartboards


Bristle dartboards are the most popular type of dartboard on the market. They are mostly made of compressed sisal fibers, offering the most realistic experience with the use of steel-tip darts. Bristle dartboards are not just for casual settings but also commonly used in most professional competitions and tournaments.

  • Self-healing ability (after the darts are pulled out, the fibers come back together quickly to fill the holes)
  • Long-lasting board
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Suitability for both entertainment and competing purposes
  • Many available options with different brands, quality, and prices

In case you decide to go pro or practice to compete at high levels, bristle dartboards are definitely the option to go.

The main differences between cheap and expensive dartboards are the density and quality of the fibers. We recommend you buy from well-known manufacturers or trusted sellers.

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Electronic Dartboards


You can see this kind of dartboard at pubs, clubs, bars, and many other places for entertainment like game centers and amusement parks. On the board surface, there are thousands of little holes where the darts hit and stick on. Since the darts used for this dartboard have soft-tip, it’s sometimes called the soft tip dartboard.

  • Automatic scoring feature that saves you time on score calculation
  • Fun visual LED displays and sounds
  • Various built-in games, scoring options, and features
  • Higher price than other types
  • Need for careful maintenance
  • Not for competitive settings

Electronic dartboards are perfect for use in a casual setting. If you want to play some fun games with friends, an electronic dartboard is a great option. They’re also perfect for kids, as they are safe and don’t require sharp darts.

Due to the different material and dart type, electronic dartboards are not ideal for competitive or professional practice. If you’re looking to play in a tournament or league, you’ll want to choose a different type of dartboard (bristle one).

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Wooden Dartboards


You can tell from the name. Wooden dartboards are made of different types of wood, such as cork, beech, birch, or poplar. They used to be quite popular before the born of bristle and electronic dartboards.

  • Classic look that can fit in well with formal settings
  • Good durability if maintained well
  • Different pricing and quality depending on the wood
  • Bad self-healing ability (dart holes remain visible after darts are removed)
  • Regular maintenance required like waxing and oiling to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking

If you’re looking for a classic long-lasting dartboard, a wooden dartboard would be a good choice. Just be sure to do your research on the wood materials and prepare for regular maintenance to keep the board in good condition.

Magnetic Dartboards


Magnetic dartboards are a newer type of dartboard. The darts have magnets at the tip, which can easily stick on the board. This type of dartboard is ideal for family game time, especially with children. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt by the dart sharpness.

  • Safe, especially for children
  • Very affordable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • The magnets falling off over time
  • Less realistic experience than other dartboard types with steel or soft-tip darts

Cork Dartboards


These are often mistaken for the bristle type. Cork dartboards are made of cork sheets glued together. Despite being not so popular, they offer a different playing experience with the surface being quite different – not as hard as others.

  • Affordable price
  • New and fresh playing experience
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Harder to find compared to other types
  • No self-healing ability (dart holes remain after darts are removed)

Cork dartboards are ideal for beginners. But if you seek a new kind of experience playing darts, cork dartboards might be a great consideration.

Decide Which Types of Dartboards Is Best for You

If you want to compete at high levels, go for a high-quality bristle dartboard. For other purposes of entertainment, any type in the above list will do, as long as it fits well with your interests, budgets, and playing needs. In case your darts game normally involves children, consider buying a magnetic dartboard or similar kinds without steel-tip darts.

No matter which type of dartboard you choose, make sure to have fun!

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