How to Maintain a Dartboard (the Dos and Don’ts)

How to Maintain a Dartboard (the Dos and Don’ts)

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Apr 19th, 2023

Maintenance is certainly required to make your dartboard last longer. But maintaining it the wrong way can shorten the lifespan. This blog will show you the right way and some tips to maintain your beautiful dartboard.


  • How long does a dartboard last?
  • How to maintain a dartboard
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How long does a dartboard last?

A high-quality board can last from 1-5 years. It can even last longer if you don’t play regularly. On the other hand, cheap boards normally go to the trash after just several months of playing.

The lifespan of a dartboard depends on many factors. We recommend you choose a dartboard that has the following:
– Tightly packed and dense sisal fiber
– Excellent self-healing ability
– Staple-free and thin wiring/spider (so that you hit it less)
– Removable number ring

On top of that, you should maintain your dartboard regularly in the proper way maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

How to maintain a dartboard

Here are the dos and don’ts that you should follow.


1. Don’t let the board get wet

Never spray water directly on the board, which many beginners tend to do for cleaning purposes. Never leave it exposed to the rain. The board might absorb the water and the surface will dry unevenly, buddle up, and get twisted out of shape.

2. Don’t hang the board outside

No dartboard can survive outside for long. Even if you protect it with a cabinet, the risk is too high. The sun will dry out the board. The rain and high humidity will make the surface bloated.

If you want to play darts outside, you can hang the board outside. But make sure to take it inside after finishing playing. Always keep your board in a room with a stable temperature, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

3. Rotate the board regularly

This small effort will significantly improve the board’s lifespan. Remember to choose a board with a removable number ring.

Simply remove the ring. Rotate the board. And then, place the ring back in. This makes sure different segments get even hits, hence, making the board last longer.

How long should you rotate a dartboard? You should rotate it once a week. If you play a lot daily, then increase the frequency to twice or three times.

4. Clean the board often

Again, don’t spray water on it. Use a dry cloth or add just a little water to the cloth.

First, open the number ring, and clean off the dust in the non-scoring area. Then, move on to clean the playing surface. Remember to do it gently and with great attention. Finally, rotate the board and put the number ring back in.

Tip: don’t wait until there’s dust on the surface to clean it. Do it regularly. Once a week or every 2 weeks.

Read more: How to clean a dartboard and deal with mold.

5. Protect the board when it’s not used

When not in use, protect the dartboard with a cover or a cabinet. This will prevent dust, dirt, and other elements from settling on the surface of the board. Make sure it fits the board perfectly and is made of a breathable material to prevent mold growth.

If you don’t feel like using your board for quite some time, it’d be best to wrap it up carefully and keep it somewhere at a stable temperature. Remember to check on it often.

6. Buy a High-quality dartboard

A high-quality dartboard is usually made of better materials and construction than a lower-quality board. The former is normally made of dense and tightly packed sisal fibers, which can offer an excellent self-healing ability and withstand more wear and tear.

It also has superior construction, with features like thinner, staple-free, and stronger wireframes, which prevent darts from bouncing out, reducing frequent repairs, cost, and effort needed for maintenance.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a top-notch board. Pick one from our list of the best dartboards on the market.


To sum up, to make your board last the longest it can, do the following two things: buy a quality board and maintain it properly and regularly. Remember to apply what you have read in our blog to maintain your board! Happy darting!

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