How to Play Magnetic Darts: The Fun and Easy Way

How to Play Magnetic Darts: The Fun and Easy Way

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Mar 30th, 2023

So, you have bought a magnetic dartboard for your family game time or for your kids, or to get started with darts? Whatever it is, here we’ll show you how to play magnetic darts in the easiest way.



  • How to Set up a Magnetic Dartboard
  • Before You Play
  • How to Play Magnetic Darts
  • How to Play Magnetic Darts (Children Edition)

How to Set up a Magnetic Dartboard

First, you need to find a suitable place to hang your dartboard. It should be at a height that is comfortable for both kids and adults to play. You can use a tape measure to find a suitable height, which is usually between five and six feet from the ground. Then, use a marker or chalk to draw a line on the wall at that height. This will be your reference point for hanging the dartboard.

Next, take your dartboard and hang it on the wall at the marked height. Then, step back and admire your work! If you’re hanging the dartboard for the first time, we recommend doing a test throw to make sure everything is in order.

Before You Play

You should know different areas on the dartboard has different scores. The outer ring will contain the score points. There are additional double and triple rings that will double or triple the points when you hit them. The small area in the middle is the bullseye which is worth 50 points. The outer ring of the bullseye is worth 25 points. Other areas are single areas.

How to Play Magnetic Darts

With a magnetic dartboard, you can play the common darts game – 301 darts. This is a great way to learn about universal darts.

Decide which team goes first

You will need to find a way to find out which team goes first. The easiest way is each team throws a certain number of darts (one can be enough). Which team has more scored points will start the game.

Note: The distance from the throw line to the dartboard is around 7 feet (or 2.37 meters).

Deduct the scored points from the total 301 points

Each team will have 301 points by default at the beginning. Then, each team will take turns throwing darts at the board, 3 darts per turn. The scored points will be subtracted from the total 301 points or the remaining points.

Win the game by reaching 0 points first

Which team lowers the remaining points to exactly 0 first by hitting the double ring or the bullseye first will win the game. Otherwise, they cannot win.

What if the remaining points go below 0? Then, the turn stops immediately and the remaining points return to when they were right before the turn.

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How to Play Magnetic Darts (Children Edition)

Some magnetic dartboards have a reverse side where the scoring areas are simplified a lot. This is great for children to get used to darts.

With the reverse side, here’s the easiest way to play with a magnetic dartboard:

  • Each team has 0 points from the start.
  • Each team takes turns throwing darts at the dartboard, 3 darts per turn.
  • The first team to score 100 points win the game.

It’s super easy, right? Have fun and enjoy your new magnetic dartboard!

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