What Are Dartboards Made Of? The Best Dartboard Material?

What Are Dartboards Made Of? The Best Dartboard Material?

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Aug 2nd, 2023

Darts, a beloved pastime that combines skill, precision, and camaraderie, has been enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world for centuries. But have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of that circular target we aim our darts at? That’s right, the dartboard itself! In this blog, we’ll explore the materials used to craft two common types of dartboards: bristle and electronic. Additionally, we’ll reveal the best material for dartboards and explain why it reigns supreme.


  • What are Dartboards Made of?
  • The Best Dartboard Material: Sisal

What are Dartboards Made of?

Dartboards have come a long way from their humble origins, evolving into two primary types – bristle and electronic. Both types have their merits and cater to different preferences and playing styles. Let’s delve into each one.

Bristle Dartboards


Bristle dartboards are made from high-quality sisal fibers, which are compressed together to create a dense and durable playing surface. Sisal is derived from the agave plant, and its unique properties make it an ideal material for dartboards.

The primary reason for choosing sisal fibers to construct bristle dartboards lies in their exceptional strength and durability. Sisal fibers are harvested from the leaves of the agave plant, which grows predominantly in tropical regions. These fibers are renowned for their toughness, making them capable of withstanding the constant barrage of darts without losing their shape or integrity.

Once the sisal fibers are harvested, they are meticulously cleaned and processed before being compressed into a dense bristle board. During the compression process, the fibers are strategically arranged to create a seamless surface that allows the darts to penetrate smoothly and heal themselves after removal.

Benefits of Bristle Dartboards:

  • Durability: Sisal fibers have excellent durability, allowing bristle dartboards to withstand the constant pounding of darts and maintain their shape over time.
  • Self-Healing: One of the standout features of bristle dartboards is their self-healing nature. After a dart is removed, the sisal fibers naturally close the hole, ensuring the board looks pristine for extended periods.
  • Minimal Bounce-Outs: The tight-knit sisal surface reduces bounce-outs, providing players with fairer and more accurate scoring opportunities.
  • Authentic Feel: Many darts enthusiasts prefer bristle dartboards due to their authentic and traditional feel, reminiscent of the game’s origins.

Electronic Dartboards:

In contrast to bristle dartboards, electronic dartboards bring modern technology into the mix. They are equipped with sensors that detect dart impacts and automatically calculate scores. Electronic dartboards are typically made from a combination of plastic and other synthetic materials.

Electronic dartboards represent a fusion of cutting-edge technology and classic darts gameplay. These boards feature a matrix of tiny holes where the darts’ impact is registered by embedded sensors. When a dart makes contact with the board, the sensors relay the information to an electronic scoring system, which automatically calculates and displays the player’s score.

The surface of an electronic dartboard is often made of soft plastic or nylon materials. These materials ensure that the soft-tip darts used in electronic boards stick securely to the surface, allowing for accurate scoring and ease of removal.

Benefits of Electronic Dartboards:

  • Automatic Scoring: The standout feature of electronic dartboards is their ability to tally scores automatically, eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping.
  • Variety of Games: Electronic dartboards offer a wide range of games and scoring options, making them versatile and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.
  • Interactive Features: Many electronic dartboards come with interactive features, such as voice prompts, sound effects, and multiplayer modes, enhancing the overall playing experience.
  • Safety: Electronic dartboards often use soft-tip darts, reducing the risk of injury and making them safer for families and younger players.

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The Best Dartboard Material: Sisal

After exploring the materials of both bristle and electronic dartboards, the question arises: which material reigns supreme for the ultimate darting experience? The answer lies in the classic and time-tested choice of material: sisal.

1. Authenticity and Tradition

One of the most compelling reasons to choose sisal dartboards is the sense of authenticity they bring to the game. Sisal has been the preferred material for dartboards for decades, and it harkens back to the roots of the game. Traditionalists and seasoned players appreciate the authentic feel and experience that sisal dartboards offer. There’s something special about throwing darts at a genuine sisal board, connecting players to the longstanding history and tradition of the sport.

2. Durability and Longevity

When investing in a dartboard, durability is a critical factor. Sisal fibers are renowned for their exceptional toughness and resistance to wear and tear.

Unlike some alternative materials, sisal dartboards can endure countless games without showing signs of degradation. The tightly packed and compressed sisal fibers make the board resilient to the impact of darts, ensuring it maintains its shape and structure for a prolonged period.

3. Reduced Bounce-Outs for Accurate Scoring

Nothing is more frustrating for a dart player than experiencing frequent bounce-outs, where the dart hits the board but fails to stick. Sisal dartboards significantly reduce bounce-outs due to the close-knit nature of the fibers.

The fibers’ density allows the dart points to sink in easily and securely, resulting in fewer frustrating bounce-outs and fairer scoring opportunities. This attribute is especially crucial for serious players seeking precision and accuracy in their throws.

4. Self-Healing Properties

The self-healing nature of sisal dartboards is a marvel in itself. After a dart is removed from the board, the sisal fibers naturally close up around the hole, leaving behind little to no visible damage. This self-repairing quality ensures that the dartboard maintains a smooth and seamless playing surface, even after extensive use.

Players can expect their dartboard to look and perform like new for an extended period, making sisal dartboards a long-lasting investment.

5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

As the world becomes increasingly aware of environmental concerns, choosing sustainable materials is crucial. Sisal, being derived from the agave plant, is a renewable resource. The agave plant grows abundantly in tropical regions, and its cultivation has a relatively low environmental impact. Opting for a sisal dartboard aligns with eco-friendly practices, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious players.

6. Superior Playability and Feel

The unique texture and density of sisal fibers provide an optimal playing surface for darts. Sisal dartboards offer a fine balance between softness and rigidity, creating an ideal blend of resistance and penetration for dart points.

This combination results in a satisfying “thud” sound upon dart impact, signaling a solid and successful throw. The responsiveness of the board enhances the overall darting experience, making it enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

7. Professional-Level Performance

Sisal dartboards are the preferred choice of professional darts tournaments worldwide. Their unrivaled durability, reduced bounce-outs, and self-healing properties make them the gold standard for serious players.

Many professional players and leagues endorse sisal dartboards for their high-performance capabilities, ensuring that players can hone their skills and aim for perfection on the same boards used in prestigious competitions.

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