Bristle Dartboard vs Cork Dartboard: Which is Better?

Bristle Dartboard vs Cork Dartboard: Which is Better?

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Apr 19th, 2023

Cork dartboards offer a nice look and can be generally less expensive. However, bristle dartboards will always outperform cork boards. This blog will compare the two and explain which is better for you.


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Bristle Dartboard vs Cork Dartboard

Here are the aspects to compare the quality of the two types of dartboards:


Cork boards are, well, made of cork, like the thing on top of a wine bottle to prevent the wine from spilling out of the bottle.

Bristle dartboards, on the other hand, are made of sisal fiber, which is tightly packed together to create the playing surface.

Since the materials of the two boards are significantly different, their characteristics are also different, which we will discuss right after.


Since a bristle dartboard is made of tightly packed sisal fiber, it has a great self-healing ability. This means, when you pull out the darts, the holes on the surface will heal quickly. It makes the board last for a much longer time, with regular maintenance.

Cork boards generally don’t have self-healing. Holes on the surface will still be there after playing. This alone makes the bristle dartboards far superior.


A cork board normally does not have metal wires to separate scoring sections. However, you may experience many dart bounce outs. This is because cork is a softer material than the tightly packed sisal fibers used in bristle boards, and the darts may not penetrate the surface as deeply or securely as they would with a bristle board. You will need to throw with more force.

Bounce outs still happen with bristle dartboards, but they are much less likely to happen compared to cork boards. If you go for a high-quality bristle board on the market, chances of bounce outs can be reduced to 1% or almost 0% (unlike you have bad aiming and hit the spider).

Check out these best bristle dartboards on the market.

Both types of boards use steel tip darts. For the sound, cork boards may be quieter.

For the look, bristle boards vary according to different brands and models in terms of color and design. Cork boards have limited design and looks, and they normally have a rich tan color.

Durability and Maintenance

With the same frequency of plays, bristle dartboards are much more durable than cork boards. This is because, as we mentioned above, the former has self-healing ability while the latter doesn’t.

A high-quality bristle dartboard can last from 1 to several years with regular little maintenance (cleaning and rotating the board is enough), which cork boards can hardly achieve without self-healing.

Modern bristle boards are equipped with a removable ring, which ensures different segments of the board can get even hits, hence, increasing the board’s lifespan. Cork boards don’t have this.


Bristle dartboards are used in both casual and competitive settings. Pro tournaments always use bristle boards. Professional play and practice with bristle boards.

We usually see brands put their efforts into improving and upgrading the quality of their bristle boards. For example, the Blade 5 Dual Core is the upgraded version of the Blade 5 bristle board with one extra sisal layer for greater durability and playability.

Bristle dartboards are simply dominant over cork boards due to many advantages. However, some people still prefer cork boards since they are very affordable. Some can even create their DIY cork boards.

When considering the differences between bristle and cork dartboards, it is important to note that each type has its own unique characteristics and benefits.

While cork dartboards may be more affordable and have a distinct aesthetic appeal, they lack the self-healing ability, durability, and playability of bristle dartboards.


On the other hand, bristle dartboards, made from tightly packed sisal fibers, provide a superior playing experience with reduced bounce outs and longer-lasting lifespan. We highly recommend bristle dartboards.

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